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Marian Kerr - Contemplate Life Coaching - Write with You

Marian Kerr

Welcome From Marian Kerr

I provide a range of life coaching, services for coaches and proofreading/editing services individualised specifically for you   working locally and overseas from Wellington, New Zealand

~ For an introduction to my services, read below ~

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Contemplate Life Coaching

Personal Coaching:

  • boost your self esteem and confidence
  • feel valued and alive and really enjoy being you
  • find your true purpose and direction in life

I believe in possibilities and positive choices. My passion is to see you step into your power and become the wonderful person you were meant to be

  • understand your values and unique personal qualities
  • learn to live from your strengths and build resilience
  • tap into your motivation and achieve your goals

Take some time out now to focus on yourself and learn how to close the gap between how your life is now and how you want it to be

~ For more information click on Coaching Services ~

Services for Coaches:

Coach Development

  • find your authentic coaching voice
  • keep on track with your coaching
  • consider your own personal development

I provide a safe and encouraging place for you to explore what it truly means to be a coach through one-on-one mentoring and/or monthly network meetings

Coaching Materials

  • purchase effective coaching tools and materials
  • develop your own written coaching materials
  • produce your own articles, e-books or print books

Confidential writing, proofreading and editing services can increase your effectiveness and allow you to create your own coaching products

~ For more information click on Services for Coaches ~

Write With You

Writing, Proofreading and Editing Services:

  • writing
  • proofreading / formatting
  • editing

Helping you to produce professional-looking documents that clearly express your message, in your own way – anything from a single page to a full manuscript

~ For more information click on Writing, Proofing and Editing ~ 


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