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Marian Kerr
Marian Kerr ~ October 2009 ~ Newsletter
Subject: Marian Kerr ~ October 2009 ~ Newsletter
Send date: 2009-10-03 00:09:44
Issue #: 6

Welcome to Marian Kerr's October 2009 Newsletter                                    

Springtime: A Time of Renewal and Regeneration

Looking out my window I see that the trees across the road are greening up again. There are new green leaves covering their branches, softening the view towards the hills in the distance. In the pots on the deck the bulbs are blooming and the roses are coming into bud. The vegetable seeds in the greenhouse are quickly germinating and each day there are new shoots poking their way through the soil towards the light.

There is a sense of gentle promise and anticipation in the air which seems somehow fresher and cleaner and hints towards the warmer weather to come. I love this time of year. It reminds me of hopefulness, renewal and growth – all that self development stuff that happens in our lives as a result of taking some time out to consider who we are, who we want to be, and how to live our lives to allow that vision of Authentic Self to blossom and flourish and bear fruit.

Often we wish we could turn back the clock and start our lives again, without the hurt, the pain, the mistakes, the losses or the negative circumstances. That is never going to happen. But that doesn’t have to be the end of it – we don’t have to be defined by what has gone before. We can decide that the next part of our lives will be much better and work towards making that a reality.

To have a beautiful garden it is not necessary to dig everything out and start again. Working with what we have can be challenging, but ultimately incredibly rewarding. Some of the most inspiring and interesting gardens incorporate rocks and gnarled branches, and shady places along with those that are in full sunlight. It’s kind of like that with our lives.

Our starting place in having the life we want is accepting who we are and what we have experienced up till now, without judgement. Acceptance is different to giving in. It isn’t based on denying the difficulties we have been through, or are experiencing – it is based on knowing that our worth is intrinsic – it is not based on circumstances or situation. We can’t go back and undo the past, but we can nurture ourselves in the now and go on into the future with a quiet courage and determination to live our life as fully as possible.

Sometimes we need to take the time to re-connect with our inner self – to know ourself more deeply and to love ourself without reservation. As we come to appreciate the uniquely wonderful person we truly are we can embrace life in its richness and diversity. Starting from a position of self-worth and self-care we can accept ourselves and love ourselves as we are. We can learn to believe that we deserve the best that life has to offer and start to live in this reality.

That in itself can be incredibly liberating and allow the ‘greening up’ to start to happen in our lives.

Springtime: Tidy Up the Garden of Your Life

Springtime is a time of renewal and regeneration. Trees green up; plants burst into bud ready to blossom or bear fruit; new shoots begin to poke up through the soil as they seek out light and warmth. This growth happens naturally and without any intervention from us. Plants will grow in even the poorest conditions – just look at the blade of grass forcing its way through the concrete driveway, the bush clinging to the rocky hillside, or the seedling of a tree growing in accumulated soil and leaves in the guttering.

But what a difference it makes if we put in some effort to prepare the garden for the Springtime growth spurt! Plants positively thrive if they are allowed access to the right amount of light, warmth, moisture and nutrients and are protected from the worst of the elements. Dead leaves and other debris need to be tidied up and either thrown away or used to make compost, making it useful again. Branches that aren’t bearing flowers or fruit have to be trimmed to allow the warmth and light to reach the healthier parts of the plant.

In life too, sometimes it is necessary to prune or clear out what isn’t working for us, just as we tidy up the garden after the ravages of winter. There could be attitudes or activities that are holding us back; past hurts to be healed and let go of; or even unhealthy relationships to be reconsidered. Pulling up the weeds of self-doubt and criticism will allow the strong parts of us to become even stronger and our Authentic Self to blossom and bloom as it was meant to.

Just as the right type of fertilizers or compost will make a huge difference to the health and vigour of a plant, by feeding ourselves with self-acceptance and self-love we can become all we were destined to be and let the true beauty within us shine out. Just as a plant grows best with deep strong roots, we can give oursleves what we most need to build resilience and a strong sense of meaning and purpose that will sustain us and support our growth.

Often when a bush or tree is small we tie it to a stake to give it support while it grows big enough and strong enough to support itself. In the same way, we need to be kind to ourselves during the process of change and growth, knowing that it takes time to develop new attitudes and beliefs or to establish new actions and habits.

Self-acceptance is a choice you can make. You can love yourself and nurture yourself with the same sort of care you lavish on your Springtime garden. Self-acceptance leads to greater self-development. True self-love allows you to be the very best you can be. Think of what you can do in the garden of your life that will provide the best environment for you to grow and flourish and enjoy being the wonderful unique person you are.

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It's that time of year again when we start thinking about Christmas gifts and the new year to come. Keeping this in mind, the first run of my 2010 Inspirational Calendar has just gone to print.


Those of you who have seen one before will know that the calendar is made up of my own photos (similar to those on my website), with a few thought-provoking and inspiring words to contemplate each month. There is a separate page for each month and the calendar fits in a CD case that opens out to sit on your desk or benchtop.

The calendars are great as affordable gifts for family, friends or clients, or you can treat yourself to one and enjoy it for the whole of the year to come.

* Normal price for these calendars will be $15 plus $5 postage and handling ($20 total)

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I feel like I am truly myself again

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